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Reviews for "newgrounds xmas boner"

ZOMG this is short

This summed up christmas just fine. I love it.


That's teh true Spirit of Chanuka!


Totally Boned or bonerfied or something


fuck fucking christ-mass. Just ancient astrotheology ( SUN MOON AND STARS WORSHIP ) on top of drug and fertility worship. Did you know the 21st is the shortest day of the year, and for the next three days afterward it rises in the same spot in the sky, then on christmas rises 1 degree higher, and from that point on will start rising higher and higher. Christmas is just another sun worshipping day where we pretend some guy named jesus who is named the son of god instead of the sun of god. AND IT FOOLS EVERYONE! That is literally how fucking stupid you are, they changed the U to an O, bow down bitch.


HAHAH great

brill i hate xmas aswell...so, so much

but you could have made it a bit longer