Reviews for "Shoes for Sale"


frost bited his feet off, lol

loved it, and im not too fond in musical stuff

Jimtopia responds:

Lol, cool thanks much, and merry christmas.

Great song

This was a great holiday flash,the animation looked smooth & great plus the song was very creative and i loved it very much,i got a few good laughs from this creative flash of yours and i enjoyed it a lot,great job.

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

don't know

The animation was good but i just didn't like that song very much. but you did a good job with it. also i don't see the Christmas side of this.

Jimtopia responds:

It doesn't have to be about christmas, just anything involving winter/the holidays really.

Quite depressing

Well that was quite sad, he asked for help and he quite a curt reply of I might as well just sell my shoes. That isn't very helpful....

Animation: Same as most of your work except they seem to have faces and the such in this one instead. Could have gave them a bit of color, they look pale as ghostly people who just finished crying their eyes out.

Audio: What song is this? It was quite funny.

Storyline: His feet fell off so he hopes the doctor can help fix it and all the doctor can think of is selling his shoes. How is that helpful at all?

Overall: Quite depressing but it has a good plot line overall, don't buy shoes.

Review Request Club


Jimtopia responds:

I don't know why people even by shoes anymore, things like this are just gonna keep happening!

lol, thanks for the review.

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation ~

The animation really doesn't quite get better than this. I understand that the movements that you had were quite simple compared to many others, but they were done very smoothly. The mouth animation was very good and everything else was great.

~ Graphics ~

The drawings here were done pretty well. I enjoyed the backgrounds and the style that you used, but there was one small thing that stuck out to me. When the character would move his arms the black lines wouldn't be connected. Looked like a minor mistake that just went unnoticed.

~ Story/Content ~

It was a good idea to make a story out of this song. You did a great job on the music video. The only thing that I can think of to make it better would be to show a quick series of events leading up to his feet falling off. Such as him getting dressed to go outside, walking, getting lost, etc... Then his feet falling off and him crawling to the doctors. You could even do a quick scene afterward where he is trying to sell his shoes or something of the sort.

~ Audio ~

So this wasn't your song so I can't complain about it too much, but I really didn't like how the music drowned out the vocals in the song. This could have been improved greatly, but like I said it's not your song so I'm not going to sit here and review it that in depth. (I guess I did already lol)

~ Overall ~

A good submission all around. I wouldn't have minded seeing some more story like I mentioned up above. Good job though.

~ Review Request Club ~

Jimtopia responds:

I liked the note it ended on, there was nothing more to say at that point, and I think it works. I do agree though that throwing in more of him actually losing his feet would've been a good thing to do, I'll remember it next time I'm puttin' a music video together.