Reviews for "Shoes for Sale"

Good flash

The song is very nice. It's kind of sad, but it is also a very ironical song. "Hey, your feet fell off. Just sell your shoes, because I can't help you, ok?"

The mouth movement was done very nicely and I liked how you brought in the doctor in the refrain. It was a bit strange how the doctor always said "I", though. ^^

Anyway, the flash could have used some more scenes in between, because it gets a bit boring to only see the main character sitting around. Or maybe the room could be filled with something more than just the obligatory poster of the human anatonmy on the wall, it would make the flash look less bland.

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Jimtopia responds:

Heh, I honestly for the life of me could not think of other posters to put on the wall, for some reason all I could think of were dental posters, and those wouldn't have fit at all. :(

Anyway, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you noticed the way the doctors mouth movements, it's actually intentional, you see since the character is telling the story he refers to himself as "I" but the doctor would in fact be saying "You" which is what I actually had him say.

Lol, I thought way to much about that.

It was alright...


I'll start off with the positive, the script was solid, the mouth animation was well done, and the art style while simple was unique.

Now the not so great aspect of the film, the hands seemed so wrong, and there wasn't too much animation per-se, aside from the basic tweens and such.

Not a bad holiday flash, and it's nice to see something a little darker around this time of year, still I felt it could have been handled better.

- Celx
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Jimtopia responds:

I'm very aware that I'm absolutely awful at drawing hands, and I am trying to learn, I've even considered getting one of those wooden hand models, but... well I'm holding out hope that I can learn how to draw them without having to shell out money. Either way thanks for the review.

Quite depressing

Well that was quite sad, he asked for help and he quite a curt reply of I might as well just sell my shoes. That isn't very helpful....

Animation: Same as most of your work except they seem to have faces and the such in this one instead. Could have gave them a bit of color, they look pale as ghostly people who just finished crying their eyes out.

Audio: What song is this? It was quite funny.

Storyline: His feet fell off so he hopes the doctor can help fix it and all the doctor can think of is selling his shoes. How is that helpful at all?

Overall: Quite depressing but it has a good plot line overall, don't buy shoes.

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Jimtopia responds:

I don't know why people even by shoes anymore, things like this are just gonna keep happening!

lol, thanks for the review.

Most depressing Xmas message 2009 :P

What a lovely morbid tune that I can't help but raise a smile at. I think that there is certainly a great step forward with your animation style, with the way that you've even branched out from Jimtopia and Fizz as well this time.

The piece is a rather strange sounding tune and while it is quite sad and bland when it comes to the music, there is a comedy message that has been well delivered. Perhaps there should have been more dwelling on the frostbite animations, which looked wrong with the feet having snapped clean off above the ankles kind of in the way that Terminator 2 goes.

I think that you reflected the blandness of the tune by only using a white character, as opposed to a much more detailed person, like we have become accustomed to with you. Are you using a tablet, or a mouse for this? If you've not got a tablet, you are one of the most deserving for one from Tom in his annual give away!

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Jimtopia responds:

I actually do have a tablet, believe it or not. I really don't use it for my flashes though, I just could never get the hang of drawing in flash, I guess I just like the cleanness of the pen tool. Also, I'm glad you picked up on that whole "dull tune, dull characters" thing, I was hoping someone would get that. :)

Either way, thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

don't know

The animation was good but i just didn't like that song very much. but you did a good job with it. also i don't see the Christmas side of this.

Jimtopia responds:

It doesn't have to be about christmas, just anything involving winter/the holidays really.