Reviews for "Santa Fu!"


like the christmas-ish music

Great Game!

Amazing job!

You are a giant retard. The artwork and controls are meant to be that way. I'm sick of you fucking retards who go around blamming good games just because you fail at them! OMG!

The game's supposed to do that.

Intresting & festive remake of Kung Fu

It's simple, yet entertaining. Just like the original game. I also like how you can pick different music.Overall, it's a pretty good game.

it's a ggreat game but

when i get to level 5 and i'm just about to see mr. xmas, i mean literally, rigght there where i can see the manger, you sent in like 20 enemies with two pipe throwing dad's, not too fair. otherwise a great game, but i still wish i was allowed to see the last boss


but really hard. only made it to level 2.