Reviews for "Santa Fu!"

great re-imagining

but their happiness does not continue for long.

Some people...

...clearly don't know what the classic "Kung Fu" was...


1.santas skull in a gift box

2.when the enemy attack you it looks strange

Excellent Christmas remix of "Kung Fu"!

This game was challenging, but reasonable. I admit, it took me two to three times to finally take down the final boss. But I thoroughly enjoyed it! I also liked the 8 bit version of "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town". That was very well done! Furthermore, the graphics nicely resembled an oldschool NES game! This and "The Snow Runs Red" are the best Christmas games on the site! Excellent job!!

Wow another game about Christmas. I love this game. It's a awesome game. I love Christmas. Santa Claus and Jesus Christ are strongest. I give you 5 stars bro.