Reviews for "Santa Fu!"

nice game lol

really fun to play, got messed up by the little snakes on the second level, thought i could kick em, realized i could jump over em when i got a game over lmao. love the turbo man reference, had me laughin for a bit =D

Fantastic! Got me in the Xmas spirit!

To the fool who took offense to this....you really shouldn't be playing video games. Anyways this was a fantastic spoof! I love the boss fights especially TURBO MAN! PUT DAT COOKIE DOWNN! Also music choices were great too. I hope to see another parody made this well again!


this brings back memories and for those of you saying its bad....it was originally for the NES. ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE GREAT...its a REMAKE

teh perfect kun fu remake

but jesus, is very powerful or im a noob D:

:( lol

when you lose all your lives and die its FRIGGIN SCARDY D: but this games is awesome :P