Reviews for "Santa Fu!"


try to turn back when an nutcracker appears and let it grab you 2 see.... so much fun lolz

very cool

i love 8bit games

An excellent Christmas classic!

I loved this game so much that I absolutely had to review it! Mix the classic, 8-bit gaming style with some kung-fu style action and a pissed-off, drunken Santa? Instant win!

The best thing about this game has to be its simplicity. Simple, quick-to-learn controls and a good, solid gameplay give more to that retro feel and bring back memories blowing cartridges on the old NES. Also, as an added treat, adding the Gyromite music was a definite plus. Lastly, the gameplay was hard enough to keep people engrossed and not feel like you're just mashing buttons, especially past level 1.

This was a great submission, one that I'd say tops the Christmas '09 charts. Thanks so much for the great game! I really enjoyed it!


make more!