Reviews for "Santa Fu!"

I love Retro

You are awesome. I do wonder how many people could identify the music at the end? Yeah, I grew up with nintendo, as I'm sure most of the folks who appreciate this have. Even so, I wonder. I know that tune, I used to love that game. Goonies 2.

Beating Jesus is surpisingly simple

I just stood their mashing the kick button until he walked over to me. Sometimes you'll need to walk just a little bit forward. and continue with the endless kicking. Though don;t move too close or else he'll rip you apart. Also you most likely won;t need to move forward too many times... at most maybe 3.

Great remake for a great game but...

The game over screen scared the hell out of me... kinda disturbing

I agree with TheSmashBros45

Really gives me that retro feel i love it :D


the Game Over screen is really creepy