Reviews for "Santa Fu!"


it's hard just like the original,anyway awesome 8-bit song remix.

a great game but ..............

the games is great the idea of choose a music is great the bad are three Reason Number 1 the difficult is very annoying and the Gameplay is repetitive 2 The Song Choose is great idea but the melody is very repetitive and Become annoying As The Hell not Offence Mockery , Poxpower RainbowCementery Number 3 The Game Over screen Is Creppy and Cruel i can say dont hate the black humor Like The humor but Is kinda Creppy i watch shows whit blood and gore whit black humor like Madness Combat,South park . Happy Tree Friends ,Saland fingers and any Death scene make my to change my pants but the game Still good is Master piece the sprites are made on 8 bit that make nostalgia to Retro player the Controlls are great and the Animation is very great

This was very fun

Even though I suck at this, I cant even beat the first boss, but this game is just fun! Good job

That was awesome

Took me awhile to get the hang of it but after a few play throughs I blazed through the game with all three characters. Stage 2 gave me the most problems, those damn falling egg things and the boss can actually fight back. The rest of the bosses are pretty simple though very nicely designed. Anyway it's a great remake with a very cool Christmas theme.

Excellent Christmas remix of "Kung Fu"!

This game was challenging, but reasonable. I admit, it took me two to three times to finally take down the final boss. But I thoroughly enjoyed it! I also liked the 8 bit version of "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town". That was very well done! Furthermore, the graphics nicely resembled an oldschool NES game! This and "The Snow Runs Red" are the best Christmas games on the site! Excellent job!!