Reviews for "Santa Fu!"

not bad

i understand this is a nostalgia thing, and i didnt play this particular game in the NES, but was it your intention to mimic even the darnish input ?
it seems to have a minimun interval between punches, somewhat annoying when things get though and the char just doesnt respond at the same pace...


ok. santa has gone ballistic and wants to kill her wife. he kills jesus and then kills his wife. jesus then comes and has to save... a christmas tree? anyway he kills santa and creates raptor jesus? what the hell?!? raptor jesus then has to save santa. umm... he kills jesus AND THEN RAPTOR JESUS HUGS SANTA?!?!?!?!?!? that doesnt make any sense. still, the game is good

I Made it to the Final Boss on my first try!

Then Jesus kicked my ass.
Anyways, this game is great, and pretty much shows my opinion of Santa Claus; he's a jerk. But I have one question; How the hell do you beat Jesus? I can get through all the bosses with ease, but he is an asshole in his way of fighting. A PM on the subject would be appreciated, and I would gladly help anyone who helps me, as long as I know the subject.

Awesome game

This is so sweet but holy crap is it hard!


Great Job remaking Kung Fu! One suggestion is that the difficulty be toned down but other than that this game is PWNAGE!