Reviews for "Mammoth"


This is the type of animation that could develop to become a series! Despite the somewhat repetitive sound effects and sometimes basic background work, this cartoon is most enjoyable. I love how simple the story is, yet it keeps the viewer interested in the plot.

I'm really hoping you got an A on this production!

It was like Samurai Jack!

Just like the cartoon, entertaining and interesting. It was very detailed, too. 5/5 10/10


Nicely done. I was starting to think that the caveman was gonna give up. Very nice animation.

Caveman:1 Alien:0

Nice Original Idea
It made me think of Samurai Jack.I first thought it would show how the ice age begun. That was a smart caveman figuring out how to use all of the aliens stuff for his own use. I wasn't expecting that.
The only bad things id say was the lack of music, it was kinda boring in the beggining, and the alien death was kind of anti-climactic.
Though some parts without music actually works.


I never knew cavemen could be Olympic spear throwers, ninjas, eagles, and inventors. Nice animation and stuff :P also i may have left some stuff out on that stuff above about what a cavemen can be. Great in every way so 10/10.