Reviews for "Damnation: Shootout Demo"

holy shit!

hey man!I played the full game on another site and i've just logged on here.i think that you done a real good job lots of blood and guts and its a bit scary.the shooing scene is the best because its got all the zombies and you're actually in action at this bit.great work man keep it up can't wait till the sequel!

Great game, could use a couple improvments though

It said it was kind of like Doom, but I've never played it. I will consider buying Doom now. Damnation is a great game. Consider playing the shootout game, which has 3 weapons instead of 1. This game was one of the better flash games I've played. If you haven't played it(Shooting game fan or not!)play it now! RIGHT NOW!!!


This game is a good game b/c you can reload while dodgin monsters (the space bar)! Also the zombies look realistic for flash games..quite good..

Good game..not original though

the game is short..good though.i like it.4 stars dude...!


pretty good game sept the r button didn't work but it was good