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Reviews for "SRM Star Wars Holiday!"


Wow, if you're upping the ante, by shifting to Frame By Frame, you've made a good step with this one. Not only have you exposed the conspiracy of George Lucas' tyrannical companies and their dreams of World Domination, via capitalism, but you've shown what a great animatior that you've become over the past few years. Granted, it's only a few months since I started viewing and reviewing your work, but the progress is astounding.

The writing is good too, with the addition of Chewbacca's son, Lumpy into this latest foray, but it's good, without breaching copyright laws, which would have LucasFilm's own team of Lawyers flying over there in their TIE-Fighter, quicker than you can say Carrie Fisher is fat.

The call backs are first rate, with the fact that Jethro is on screen, as he is on your profile and SRMClock is in fact an ornamental clock in this piece, keeping himself occupied with indicating the passage of time.

A nice shout out to the three newer movies of the Star Wars franchise, which shows that subtlety is a nice art that you're using, which certainly compliments a nice shovel full of irony, as well.

Keep up the good work - I'm not fussed with which way you take it, as there are great outlets for both FBF and "traditional" animation, though I can tell from your icons all over your profile that you prefer this episode in general.

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Battosai810 responds:

I liked that the writing was more subtle in this cartoon than in some others - I know some of my other cartoons kind of hit you over the head with random humor and whatnot. Personally my favorite joke in this toon is the "Dargonball" one, but Engrish usually gets me pretty good.

I'm always happy to put Jebediah or SRMClock into the background. You'll see one or both of them in the backgrounds of my next few toons in one place or another. My opinions on this episode kind of flip flop depending on how I feel - sometimes I think it's too wordy, and sometimes I think it's clever. The animation is really crude compared to how my next few toons look though, especially the new SRM toon that will be out before Christmas.

Anyway, think of this cartoon as SRM's awkward puberty between the symbols and the more refined style of my next few cartoons.

Movieclips are better

Those Movieclips made SRM, SRM!

Battosai810 responds:

But they're so stiff! I've actually taken two really good animation classes since I made this cartoon, and I have plans for a really awesome SRM toon coming up. I think this time it will be a LOT better.


say mother-fucka-sua-ga 3times fast and fuckin great animation here!love it 10/10

Battosai810 responds:



loprtnotn kornyt fontheui?
Nyghow, nooshiomonisceu faliscornica.
Translation from weegee language:

Battosai810 responds:

Sounds good to me.


That damn George Lucas, when will he learn? =[

Battosai810 responds:

After Indiana Jones 5 maybe?