Reviews for "A Piratey Christmas"

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I liked the graphics; story could have been a little longer. Nice overall tho, would like to see episode 2!

Marsume responds:

This was episode two!

The first sighting of pirates can be seen here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /511976

Well Done

Too very much great man!

Good one

I thought this was actually a pretty decent flash movie. The story could've had more to it. I mean, it had potential. All in all it made me laugh a little. Great effort.

more episodes please.

liked that last entry involving this crew and this ones not bad either.
i would like to see more of them.


I think it ended to quickly. Although honestly it was pretty freakin funny. I mean you have great taste. I loved it. I think this will do lovely on newgrounds. Good Luck! :)

Marsume responds:

Haha, the entire story was practically Zach's idea, so credit him :D