Reviews for "A Piratey Christmas"

oh hay dylan!

Knowledge IS power :P nice lil' short :) melikes

Marsume responds:



Thumbs UP!

a Great animation. You coulda made it a bit longer. These are characters we will want to see again!

Ps: THE end song was Adam and Joe's castle jingle music


One of the most randomest, funniest screwed up movies i've seen. 10/10!

Don't see the point..

In a boat with wheels but whatever. XD. That cracked me up. I thought it was to short AKA It was so good I wished it was longer. The backgrounds were well done, the movements were great, the voice acting was awesome. There are no real holes to pick in this toon. Nice and solid, although with an abrupt punchline.
Your late nights paid off. I know you had a tight deadline and all. Will we be seeing the pirates ever again?

Marsume responds:

Maybe, Just maybe ;)

Thanks Izak.

What the?!

Rather abrupt ending, don't you think. It was good, but needs to be longer