Reviews for "Drag Box"

Great game

It's very simple, I like style and idea. Nice dynamics and physics. Also I found a bug(?) in achievments when gaining medal for teleportation. I used teleportation 5 times in 1 run and didn't get it. It's sad. But everything else is great!

Fun and simple

With the small file size I wasn't expecting much but I was suprised. Granted it isn't the next big flash game but it's still a fun little flash game to pass the time!
4/5 | 8/10

W00T!!! the hav it here now!

i played this game on mofunzone.com and its a great game its my type of game ^_^ i usually don't like the games on mofunzone.com (no offense) but this one is good and pretty addicting :) 4.5/5 or 9/10

A fun and original game!

It was funny to see that logo with the guy throwing the paper so fast! I know that's really lame, but this was a fun game to play even if it had pretty simplistic designs! At first, I thought your goal was not to hit the red things as the thing above was a health bar. It seemed pretty impossible to not even hit any of them, but it's nice that you just have to get to the side of the screen. I think I actually did worse when I found that out. It's very nice to know that you can take a simple idea but really make it fun.


very addicting game