Reviews for "Drag Box"

Great game

super-addicting,extremly fun...worth a 10


Fun and addicting, I love it!

Ha <2 + 1

Addicting. -^_^-

Life is sweet

Reached the impossible score while isting to classical gas by Mason Williams
But really great comcept of a game my hat goes off to you good sir

Great, but could be better

This game is very simple, yet addicting. A few things I would like to see. 1, it needs a pause button (or at least an obvious one). Usually, pressing P of clicking somewhere on the screen pauses it. That didnt happen in this came. 2, make it harder. Because of the lack of a pause button, i stopped on the middle of the game to reply to 3 different text messages, taking me about 2 minutes, and I looked up, and I was still alive. Also, upgrades are a little too easy to obtain. 3When you have the smaller shapes like the circle and sqaure, Id like it so the shape actually followed your mouse like the larger shapes, instead of there being this gap between your cursor and shape. I think these things are pretty small, it is a very addicting and fun game. 4.5/5