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Reviews for "Alfred's StoryofChristmas"


That was really good. The animation itself is rough, but the expressions, posing, and ideas are all solid. And this whole thing was fucking funny. I like how you started fudging the Bible stories with fairy tales and Christmas stories.

You could have a much broader following if you wanted to. At this point, you're off the deep end, and to be honest, that fascinates me to no end, but I love seeing that you're capable of universally appealing entertainment. This was especially true with "Alfred Gets Fixed."

I for one would like to see more content like this from you, but above all else be true to yourself as an artist.


emily-youcis responds:

el cid i made this when i was 15. so dont worry im still off the deep end.

Best Christmas Submission

Nice of you to submit this at long last. It's hilarious for one. It's also ridiculous. Another thing: it encapsulates many of the popular Christmas stories, plenty of Bible stories, and picks on countless celebrities. Its scope is incredible. Too bad you didn't bother to ask Tom Fulp or another admin about submitting it back in the day, but now that it is here, it will likely get you a few good awards.

The South Park influence is there; it is both satirical and heavily topical for its epoch. It also features Alfred as a goofball with ADHD and his companion Phat Dawg, the perfect straight guy. While it is a classic foil to someone who's totally insane, it works because straight faces are perfect anchors from which to maintain a grip on reality. The best part? He's incredibly drunk by the end.

For a fifteen year-old kid, this Flash is more than mere Crunk. Despite a lack of bells and whistles (like a Replay or even a Start button, or a preloader even!), it is fleshed out and perhaps the best damned Christmas Submission to date. Thank God someone noticed it and put it on Front Page...!


your video with alfred in the hospital is your funiest, and your video with Acceptable in he 80's was the most epic. this is sorta ok, but i can tell u took time to do it, so thumbs up


glad your back to animating!
alfred is hilarious

even though its a simplistic art style you have, its still very entertaining


Not so good.

Should have a loading screen, I had an error in the middle of the movie.