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Reviews for "Alfred's StoryofChristmas"

Silly Alfred.

ok for this video there is some flaws.

The sound could of been better, with the random shouts that ended up having static in there.

Animation was alright.

Humor of the plot of the video was so so.

Overall i will give a 7/10 star random.

4/5 faces. {Because i did laugh at some bits. x3}

Ok well

1/10 for the humor.

9/10 for the graphics.

That is pretty self explanatory. Great art, but it wasnt funny at all. You have some good material and I loved the way you colored some things thats preety cool. You just need a different writer, which is just fine. Some of the most famous artists cant write at all. Good luck.

Alfred is a silly dog

I thought the voices and jokes were fairly hit or miss. There were points I really liked and then points where it just seemed dull. I think the timing on the voices and, more importantly, Alfred's faces made most of the jokes in this. As such, the Bush joke was pretty dull and uninteresting. Over all though, I liked it.

calm down

dam ppl calm down atleast this person was trying his best

u want to k wat i enjoyed it

u k wat i thought it was funny, i loved that he screwed everything everything up, and it was funny, soooo yea. i enjoyed it, it was funny, lol hahahahahahaha