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Reviews for "Alfred's StoryofChristmas"

nicely done

I agree some parts werent funny, but most of it was, nice and long too (no I aint gay >>) merry christmas (happy new year) dude

Oh Phat Dawg, We hardly knew ye...

This is a fascinating insight in to how the character of Alfred and your sense of humor changed over time.

As a standalone short, this was pretty damn clunky looking and there were only occasional hints of how funny you can be scattered throughout, but for the work of a 15 yr old it's precocious as hell.

If anyone who isn't aware of Alfred enjoyed this, I strongly suggest you go and watch his other exploits and let Miss Youcis warp your fucking soul.

So freaking funny!

it was my type of humor

Graphically reasonable but lacking humour

Lets start with your animation: It's quite good, the expressions are done well, the drawn backgrounds are nice however your incorporation of various animated elements is crude, and it shows tha way - I'm not sure if that's a purposeful element of style, but for me it doesn't work. The contrast between well animated characters and some of the more crude animations just created an unfinished feel for me.

In terms of your humour, it wasn't really funny. The underlying comic factor was immature and didn't have enough scope to last a film of your length - and although there was potential for a funny parody the jokes made were highly typical and derivative. Ironic considering the genre is 'Comedy - Original' - a distinct lack of originality is seen.

Your animation has potential - polish up on your graphical weak points and discrepancies, then focus on building up your humour. If you just don't hit the spot I would prompt you to be an animator and let others focus on the script.


Alfred calmed down, good for him, bad for us :'( <-TEAR
Nice stuff still though

emily-youcis responds:

no he did not calm down, i made this like 5 years ago.
He has not calmed down, as you all will find.