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Reviews for "Alfred's StoryofChristmas"

Early Alfred... *sniff* ...nostalgia

I heart Alfred.

hey im not gong to raed your descriptoin ok

Ok THis is shit! this is not waht alfred is supose be like! hes have to be wacky and silly! this is just dum! YUOR DUM! your know what?? your just rouning this whol thing okey?? so yeah just quit ahaed pleas!! seriusly the humur stinks! THIS ISNT FUNNY AT ALL i used to think you were an litle wierd but still cool!

On a semi-serious note: I'm glad you ultimately chose to go with a higher pitched, more natural-sounding voice for Alfred as he progressed into what he is now. His voice in this was a bit... yeah. Anyway, merely out of curiosity, who did the voice for Phat Dawg? I know that you mentioned on that interbutt show thing on youtube that you had a brother; is that perhaps his voice?

emily-youcis responds:

yes its my brother.

This is cute.

I liked the random screaming. It was all delightfully cheesy. Pretty sure all we did at 15 in Flash was animate stick-skateboarders with Whoopi Goldberg cameos. DO STUFF LIKE THIS MORE OFTE- oh nevermind.

good job

its probably just my sick sense of humor but that was hilarious, true is wasn't as insane as most of the others, but you said it wouldn't be....heh heh heh, "STOP INTERRUPTING MY STORY!"

not the best Alfred nor did it stay true to Alfred

Alfred is supposed to be crazy and insane. there was nothing crazy or insane about this just her telling a stupid story that made no sents. all the other Alfred vids are all crazy and insane to a point were you feel you might go crazy so i did not like it as much.

all you other ppl my like it and vote this useless like all the other low scores but if you really liked Alfred you would know i am right.

emily-youcis responds:

DONT YOU PEOPLE READ THE DESCRIPTHIN!??!?!?! i made this when i was 15!!!!!!! that was before i had the character design for alfred! HE WAS JUST A PROTOTYPE!!!
I Only submitted it now because i did not want all my shit to go to waste?!!?!?!?
GEEEEZzzz man
if you want more crazy alfred he's coming so just like, fuckin wait.