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Reviews for "MM2: Dance of Mother Machine's Servants"

fived and faved.

Anchorwind responds:

I've since updated this to the final version. I would like to know if it is still deserving a 'Fived and faved'

Sounds really good.
I love the Static part at the beginning,
MM has taken over now.^^

Anchorwind responds:

"MM has taken over now" This made me smile. Thanks.

In. Love.

Anchorwind responds:

Thank you for taking the time to let me know.

Such a celebration could only come after the annihilation of man.

The distortion and static feels like some sort of digital bath. I find a strange comfort in the chaos of it all. It's something I can sink into and soak in its density.

It deserves to be more than a concept. Flesh this bad boy out.

Anchorwind responds:

This bad boy has been 'fleshed out.' Hope it was even better than the concept.

Holy goodness. Only issue I have with the track is how the static seemed like the loudest part, then when the track seriously gets going you almost forget about it. I love the glitchy little thing added in around 1:24, behind the synth(If you use FL it sounds like their beepmaps). Sort of like a ravey mix of skynet, and the glimmering sight of the world's soon to come demise.

Anchorwind responds:

"and the glimmering sight of the world's soon to come demise." Welcome to Mother Machine, enjoy your stay :)