Reviews for "Xmas Day"

Pretty good

I noticed Nicolus Cage was on the TV at one point, I also loved how Tom looked the same the entire time

chrimstmas :D

Nice animation like all of your other videos,
(and btw i notices that toms expression only changes two times in the movie.)


but chrismas TV sucks. maybe you could watch a dvd or something but then it wouldn't tecnicaly be a TV. except maybe if you watched it on a tv.

also whats up with that guys eyes are they missing or something.


this was really funny lol they was watching nicholas cage

@Flameshadoe JW are the initials of Jehovah's Witness, who refuse religious holidays in general I think (don't know). But they definitely don't do Christmas, but easy mistake to make without knowing Tom's faith. Fun lil Flash!