Reviews for "Xmas Day"


I'm a big fan of your work, but this.. this wasn't your best. By the way, can I be in one of your flashs? :3

Love it! Great.

The rhyming was a little poorly thought out, "Dr. Suessey" at best. You're no Robert Frost, but it is good all around. I liked the "storyline". It was funny, but not hilarious. I didn't laugh out loud once, I did grin... Once. So to sum it up work on your rhyming, and the shaky storyline. The punchline was well delivered. 5/5 8/10 because I'm feeling generous. Merry Christmas (happy holidays).

Pretty good

I noticed Nicolus Cage was on the TV at one point, I also loved how Tom looked the same the entire time

chrimstmas :D

Nice animation like all of your other videos,
(and btw i notices that toms expression only changes two times in the movie.)