Reviews for "Xmas Day"

that sucked.

You guys really need to stop mourning over Edd, he really did not want us to be sad, he was one to actully look from sadness, and keep on going. Just embrace his death, and celebrate his life! Drink Coca-Cola, Eat Bacon, wear a green hoodie, or just simply doodle on a page! C'mon guys. :3

good show

I'm sure Tom doesn't HATE christmas, I mean, he gets presents! Doesn't he? I mean, if I was Tom I wouldn't care if it wasn't part of my religion, BRING ON THE GIFTS! Well, you know, some people aren't that INSENSITIVE, but yeah I'd spare a bit of hate when the presents are being givin, as long as it's not a poster of Matt admiring a toaster eAe. Hugs to all of Edds world, and one big bow to the guy that started it all...R.I.P

me:lets stay silent for awhile
noob*how long has it been?
me:2 SECONDS!!!
noob*do we have to start over?
me: mybe