Reviews for "Xmas Day"

funny as always

when I saw this new vid my eyes just lid up lol

wait a second for videomaker123

to whoever said that was tord at the end i dont think it was...and he'll never see this message...lol


awsome song and I would like the poster of matt admaiering a toster and the joke-book with only one joke also a fire extingwisher that shoots grayvy
(bad english I`m from norway (NO POLAR BEARS!!) I know I did`nt spell admaiering,extingwisher and grayvy correct)
anyways I loved the "happy ending" I thohgt it was going to be a happy ending ,but then the tv broke LOVED IT SRONGLY RECCOMEND WATCHING
p.s: the song on the end did`nt suck it was FANTASTICK

Poor Tom

Being a jehova's withness makes him wanting to hate that day. His reality counterpart could change his religion. Michael Jackson use to be a Jehova's withness but he changed his religion.


lol as excited as a cake!