Reviews for "Xmas Day"

....God I miss Edd Gould... May he rest in peace...

just need to add a pause feature

edd i hope u still have your can on your lifeless body wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy yy edd why did u have to die i'll kill jb for u for no reason no i probably won't you were still the best in the world

@Flameshadoe JW are the initials of Jehovah's Witness, who refuse religious holidays in general I think (don't know). But they definitely don't do Christmas, but easy mistake to make without knowing Tom's faith. Fun lil Flash!

@ Flamesshadow im a jew and we do celebrate a holiday. It's called Chanukah. Anyway, aesome!

RIP Edd........ :(((((