Reviews for "Xmas Day"


Quite fun and ingenious. You could have invented a better title thou...

It was great as always, liked the fact it wasn't another adventure like eddisode but something more musical and well, interesting. I just didn't liked TomaMoto's voice acting on this one really.

Anyway, great work, glad you made something for the holydays!

Merry Christmas..

and please, no cheap cola.


wait what song are we doing again? lol!


its like dr suess meets the 3 stooges on christmas.

i enjoyed it.

Christmas that has gone wrong.

I love this flash where everything goes wrong in his Christmas. I laughed at the dinner and the end where the TV goes static. It great too see Joshua voice acting in this flash that man has real talent. Hope you win the contest with this flash and hope you have a great holiday!