Reviews for "Xmas Day"


Only one question:

Who has mash with Roast Potato? Blasphemy!

"Excited as... cake"

"Wow-wee! This is fun-tastic!"
I enjoy seeing this old xmas videos on... March

Lol...Tom isnt too fond of christmas

Matt and Edd's smile turned upside down when they got horrible prezzies. But Tom,Lol...He wasnt too excited about about his present. He was already frowning before he even opened his present

funny ending,edd!

"Edd got discount coke,Matt got a joke book with only one joke and Tom got a poster of Matt loving a toaster" and at the end : Matt and Edd:we will watch TV!
Tom: ... TV:static Matt and Edd: :O... Tom: ... LOL
p.s. long review,i know :)

ha ha

very creative! this is a wonderful flash Edd!