Reviews for "Kawairun"

I think its a pretty cool game!

I like to make the character and the game play is fun.

3D-xelu responds:

thanks :P


Awesome with a great concept. I love how you can customize not only body face arms, etc. but you can also customize the looks on their faces. Good game with fun yet challenging gameplay although the bees are hard to dodge the thing you have to watch out for is branches, you have to look very carefully to even see them because they blend so well, which makes this challenging game even harder. There really is no end. Which i love about this game. Funny thing though that if you jump too soon when you are dodging a bee it will hit you rigt in the eye xD its pretty funny.
All in all though this is a great game to play and just have fun with. With its customazation and whatnot. One problem is that when you jump to dodge a bee you may end up landing in another obstacle therefore killing you. Besides that though your game is awesome. Keep them Coming!!!!!

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Why doesn't this have more reviews?...This game is wonderful and im seriously surprised it never made it to first page!.This game is absolutely amazing and deserves more attention.The graphics are great and the sounds are perfect.I can't see anything wrong with this game!.


i love the co-op and that you can respawn really fun with a freind.

3D-xelu responds:

thanks :D

An awesome game you made there.