Reviews for "Damn Birds 2"

Hope theres a third!

Fun game keep up there good work hope theres a third coming.


good game with great guns

good, excellent, amazing, ohh damn i finished it!

I just finished the game and so started to read the reviews below to see what other people thought it was amazing aswell, i played damn birds 1 and u defo made it as good if not better!

Ok, i cba to write a proper review but to the people sayin tht cleaning costs waaay to much and that noone can save enough money, i disagree. I must have got lucky or something or i was just skilled (using a computer mouse rather than a touch pad is 100% neccesary) but i didnt get pooped on too much and found that i somehow stayed ahead of the birds.

I got the shot gun by round 3/4 then moved on to the machine gun but jumped straight to the flame thrower which was mega handy, then got the tau gun and the rail gun by round 21/22 and tbh by the end i wasnt find it anywhere is challening as the start. I think the defence did work but by the end i had like 450 anyways so i guess tht is why.

so i admit i played it like 3 times to finish it but the other two were with a touchpad so they sucked, lol. Only adivce is add a pause button + save, cos they are just soo handy. And maybe you should have made an uber level at the end so that people with ray guns + mega armour actually had a challenge? :D

otherwise, 10/10 5/5, i want to sey Damn Birds 3 (or something similar anyways)


I loved this game it kept me occupied for easily an hour. my final high score was 185701. i beat it. Awesome game, and great concept.

Awesome game

Specially since the govenator made that lol comment they must be clones or something...