Reviews for "invader zim"

((VOTED 4))

A great song. A great show. Some nice ambient voice clips of Zim. But dude you really got to get that quality up. The quality being bad was athe downfall of the song. I would suggest a resubmit once you get that whole clarity thing figured out.


That show rocks, seriously. I know this is probably your first submitted, but this was pretty poor quality.

Your other stuff is a lot better musicly, keep at it.

rioross responds:

it is isn't it.for some reason when converted the song to mp3 the quality went down.
thanks for the review!

I Love Invader Zim!!!

It was the greatest show to ever grace television. I only gave you a 7 for originality since it's based on another song (the real theme song), and the sound was a bit sketchy so I gave you a 7 aswell.

rioross responds:

ya, it is a good show. and i say this this is a good song.
thanks for the review!


no no, dont listen to him!

if u really want to do music AND STOP STEALING use sonar home studio. its like $100 and its excellent! just get a keyboard and make it easier on yourself, i suggest maybe a controller like a MO8! if u cant play the keyboard than u cant make music :D

rioross responds:

for the last time this is not stolen.
ill just sum it up for you to get it through you thick skull.
my time and effort.
my song.
your a fucking idiot for thinking different.
simple enough?


I saw your pledge in the audio forums and also you left me a review so i'm reviewing back... it's the stores policy :)

Well you know, if you want reviews you have to continue what you have done with me, review alot of people in the hopes of them reviewing you back... but you need to actually make music in order not to get flammed or zero voted.

You should really download the demo of fruity loops (FL Studio it's called now). If you like it then go and buy the program... make some of your own music and then ask for reviews. I'm sure that there will be some good people out there to give you a hand on what to improve...

Don't think that i'm trying to get you mad or anything but i'm just telling it how i see it and i mean no offense at all...

Good luck to you and if you ever choose to make some music of your own then don't hesitate to drop me a line and i will gladly review your music :D

rioross responds:

fruity loops eh? sounds good. (pun not indended)
about that drop me a line thing, well im not exactly going to call you but, i will e-mail you.
i can relate to that no ofence stuff, see i also wright things that can be taken offensivly.
oh and i will keep up those reviews for ya!