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Reviews for "Lets Get Down (Dubstep)"

New to dubstep? My ass. Sound amazing :0

Your NEW to this?

still a banger...

The only point of improvement I would say is the bass should be louder/harder. Other than that it's great, I'll be sending this to my friends~

DJT3chnic responds:

Well, I can only make it so loud before it causes distortion. Still working on my mixing skills and I'm definitely not a professional mixer. Thanks tho :) appreciate the review.

Only 2 things I could point out would be to make the bass a tad louder and the sound that appears in the intro starting from 44-54 a little cleaner. That same sound/synth/sample comes around a few times in the track, usually between the third and fourth beats of a measure and it just sounds a little lazy I guess? It comes in around 1:52-2:04 again for a few bars
Really like this track though, I think you could get some serious attention from this one!

DJT3chnic responds:

Thanks for the feedback man! I'll see what I can do.