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Reviews for "Santa Breaks His Legs"


that was great mostly the Easter egg (post this on face book) great job

how did this not win 1st place???

Wow seriously , this is full of win my friend , starts off all jolly , mysterious making you wonder how santa's gonna break his leg , but never in a million year did I expect never ending stairs in a house LOL Gosh man this is your best flash since Without a Mushroom. I seriously want to know how you didnt win more money than this -_- I guess because your flash was 17+ and all the little kiddies on newgrounds couldnt see it or couldnt bare the fact santa gets hurts o.O?

Anyways keep it up man xD This is the kind of shit I come back to watch over and over and over again !

I didn't see this at the time!!

God damn that was fantastic, easily my favourite of the winter flash off... the pacing was wonderful, the artwork was hyper clean and the animation was very effective in making you feel the pain! GLORY TO THE NEW BORN KING!! :D


How many flights of stairs was that? I liked the Easter Egg joke especially the post he put right before the one where he broke his legs. The music that you used for when he was falling was good to.

aw man

well becouse of santas accedent im not getting presents! >:(