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Reviews for "Santa Breaks His Legs"

this is weird

they have a tall house to have all those stairs and hell who would have stairs like that and why would they want them but overall its a pretty good flash

wow lol

he deserves it. he never gets my anything for christmas. good thing my mom is rich xD

oh god

that poor bastard,WHO HAS STAIRS LIKE THAT?!?!?!?!!?! and at one point..
did i see him fall UP stairs?



well, huh....... poor santa? :<
just kiddin'. Great work, mate! I didn't lol'd, but it was funny. nice work, really well made too. the 9 is just because most of the fun was santa rolling the stairs. and rolling. and rolling upside down... and the same song. not saying it was bad! just sayin' that there could've been somethin else to it. meh, whatever.

PS: sorry for the crappy english, mate... 3:36 AM here... Im kinda tired :P

Has legs of steel

I shatterd both of my legs and will never walk again.

haha, I lol'd
But i felt bad for him when he was moaining in pain.
Now im sad :(