Reviews for "Santa Breaks His Legs"

Quite Enjoyable haha

I loved how it started out really friendly and quite typically Christmas-ish then goes into an awesome dancing santa falling frenzy.

The music fit really well and you really worked the animation around it perfectly. The graphics were also very eye pleasing. While at times i was confused where your lighting source was, i was distracted by the background / background objects. They were really good, the fireplace looked especially nice.

Santa's walk on the roof looked good too, although his landing onto the roof was quite abrupt. The easter egg part was pretty funny also, it brought a good laugh out.

The slipped onto the skateboard and the starting the fall down the stairs was awesomely transitioned with the music. While he was falling down the stairs i couldn't stop laughing. I just thought it was great and it reminded me of one of those paintings where the stairs go upside down and what not, it was just hilarious.

I can't wait to see more works with this comedic level in the future.


thats a lot of stairs!


you still beleave in santa claus? what are you 8 years old? anyway greet video i laughed my ass off 5/5 10/10


LOL "i need to post this on facebook". Oh Santa Claus your so silly...

Poor Santa

Hilarious, loved the staircase scene. Great style you have going.