Reviews for "Bound on Earth"

awsome :3

Everyone who has played earthbound for the SNES would actually enjoy this flash, from voice acting to animation this is perfect! :D


that was so funny and the duck was going wa wawa and then it was sad cause the music was all du du and i thougt mad duck died but he didt great work dude vote 5/5 and rateing 10/10.

Very funny.

Kind of kool.

Loved it.

This flash took me back to the days when I played Earthbound. It was one of those games that didn't need high graphics to be a great game. It just ... was.

Thanks for the nostalgia. :D

MichaFrario responds:

<3 !

you're welcome :) and yeah, it proved that it could be as good as Chrono trigger in the time (backt hen, rpg with best graphics on SNES)


No that brings back good memories.

@Thedayspider: The mad duck will occasionally fall down in battle in Earthbound so it's referencing that.