Reviews for "Bound on Earth"


I love the animation and it was cute, also funny. But Ape made a stupid decision by putting a brainshock enemy in Jeff's path.

Quite possibly the most pathetic enemy in RPG's.

The Mad Duck from Earthbound is so funny that when you fight against him you can't help but crack a laugh.

Great tribute.


Past my nostalgia, I dont understand why people keep giving it a ten? Its not really funny, the animation is okay.


Superb homage to the weirdness that is Earthbound. The animation, pacing, and little touches that only a fan of the game would know really make this stand out.

I have 0 complaints about this flash. If I were to buy from you on eBay I'd say A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WOULD BUY AGAIN GREAT SELLER A++++


spirit tracks death theme song when duck died