Reviews for "Bound on Earth"


I didn't realy get the story b'cause I never played EarthBound. But the animations where very good and everything was very detailed.


That was great video :D I was amazed to see EB video at NG:s frontpage, keep it up :)

This is top notch.

Smooth animations. And a bit of creative flair combined with oldschool SNES nostalgia. I loved earthbound and this brought back alot of memories. I however for one wont be playing that game again cos I've already beaten it into the ground multiple times.

Thanks for a great flash though. I'm gonna fave thisone.


that is just awsome! I love thi video!!

Wow, very awesome.

The whole animation caught me by surprise, being very smooth, well paced and just generally high quality. I really need to pick the game up and finish it.

Also, it took me a bit to get the preloader thing, but very clever and funny, though a tad sad if you think about it.

MichaFrario responds:

yeah, how would you feel if you NEVER EVER see your dad, and that he keeps telling you he loves you on the phone. :'(