Reviews for "Bound on Earth"

great animation

i don't get it since i've never played earthbound but the animation was top notch. how did you do the backgrounds? did you do them in photoshop? nice work.

MichaFrario responds:

I wrote it in the credits:

Paint Tool SAI: http://sai.detstwo.com/

I love you

I remember that duck... His little cameo in Saturn Valley and I assumed it must have been a glitch or an Easter Egg or something
I love what you did here and I can imagine the duck doing that every time in Earthbound during a battle. I just fell over myself when it said The Mad Duck Fell Down after that dramatic scene with the sad music and the camera panning back...
Okay, that's pretty much just a summary of the video but you get the idea, it's just hilarious!

NOOOOOOOOOOO the poor duck!

lol that was so freikin funny and well drawn and well animated and the voice acting wow now i wish nintendo made a new earthbound game for Wii and i would buy it!

MichaFrario responds:

they're not even released Mother3 worldwide, and earthbound isn't even on virtual console


No that brings back good memories.

@Thedayspider: The mad duck will occasionally fall down in battle in Earthbound so it's referencing that.


I don't freakin get it

MichaFrario responds:

inside jokes, this flash isn't that funny really :[