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Reviews for "Rainworld"

It's really soothing and peaceful, and I really loved the whole piece and the way you presented it. It's great to see that you seem to be taking a break from the ecstatic pieces - not saying they're bad, but they were getting a little too similar to each other.

I still think your modulations are a little weird. I guess that's a matter of personal taste, but I think it sounds quite abrupt in a soothing piece; seems to interrupt your flow a little bit. Also, I think bass could be a little softer at 1:20. Apart from these small complaints, I think it was perfect! 5/5 9/10.

Really soothing, title is quite appropriate. Nice musicality throughout, and tasteful use of key change like gadogry mentioned. Only complaint is the abrupt ending. Some kind of ritard or cadenza would in my opinion complete the arrangement. Awesome overall, really chilled listen!

(PS, this with rainymood on in the background at low volume is neat.)

Like actually this is quite amazing

I like this a lot. A few things:

-- The panning felt weird during the first listen, but I got used to it. Or maybe the music was good enough to distract me from that.
-- Key change at 1:45 was very nice and much needed.
-- It's funny that while this is classical and soothing and stuff, it's still structured quite similar to your dance pieces.
-- Ending could have been more delicate... or you could have made it loop.

Interesting use of panning. Through headphones though it occasionally felt as if it would pan 100% to either side. Really fun melody, I enjoyed it.