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Reviews for "Raving in the Rain"

Those slides are incredible.

I actually really love the atmosphere of this one, the wubs, the power, and THOSE SLIDES. Seriously, the leads are amazing. Liking those rain sound effects too.
I'm also a fan of the intro and subsequent build-up, and obviously of the drop, too. It's probably the loudest drop I've heard in a while :P

I think the chorus went on a little long and parts of it became a little repetitive, but it didn't negatively affect the song that much.

Overall a great track. Probably one of my favorites (if not my favorite) from you.

(Btw, sorry about not giving an opinion on this when you sent it. I think the download took so long that I forgot about it x.x)

DJM4C responds:

Haha no problem man! Glad you liked it :D and thank you very much for the review!

You are pro !!!!!!!

DJM4C responds:

Thank you bro! You're pretty pro too :D


That drop was amazing.

DJM4C responds:

Thank you sir ;)

God dammit! What a DROP... I fell on the floor and explode! Awesome song, congrats 5 stars!

DJM4C responds:


Loud and noisey... I LOV IT !
Just stand up and dance like this <(-.-<) (>-.-)>
But... I still love it.