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Reviews for "Raving in the Rain"

You are pro !!!!!!!

DJM4C responds:

Thank you bro! You're pretty pro too :D

Well well well, we meet again, DJM4C. It seems you still are a worthy opponent, bringing songs that will amaze all, but fear not, I shall review all! Haha, sorry, just felt like this, anyways, let's get this review up.

Overall song was great, great builds, nice start, well filled, it never really had that empty feeling I have with some songs. It had a nice length and some sounds I haven't heard in a while. The one thing I did miss though, was some more bass. If it had some more bass, you would've had me moving to the beat. Except for that, I can't recall many flaws, some drops sounded slightly off, but that's a matter of perspective and I won't judge on that.

Well done, as always. Once I become rich and famous (which I probably never will, but oh well), I will hire you as my personal DJ, haha. Rating is again great, I'm giving you a 5/5, 9/10 here, for making an awesome song, just as usual.

Greetz, Tomster1000

DJM4C responds:

Thanks again man! Was worried you went somewhere :( Nice to know you're back :D

Sick! I absolutely love the melodies in the breakdown.

I like the build up and the pre-build up. Only thing I really suggest is to take off a lot of reverb on that piano in the beginning.

DJM4C responds:

Well thank you :)

Those slides are incredible.

I actually really love the atmosphere of this one, the wubs, the power, and THOSE SLIDES. Seriously, the leads are amazing. Liking those rain sound effects too.
I'm also a fan of the intro and subsequent build-up, and obviously of the drop, too. It's probably the loudest drop I've heard in a while :P

I think the chorus went on a little long and parts of it became a little repetitive, but it didn't negatively affect the song that much.

Overall a great track. Probably one of my favorites (if not my favorite) from you.

(Btw, sorry about not giving an opinion on this when you sent it. I think the download took so long that I forgot about it x.x)

DJM4C responds:

Haha no problem man! Glad you liked it :D and thank you very much for the review!