Reviews for "bullet jumper"

good music

Great and catchy music choice. Otherwise, well, as said, looks like it was done in 15 minutes.
Plus, glitch that doesn't let you play level 3.


Here I am reviewing something of yours again. Everything you make seems to be rushed, you have alot of "talent" it seems for concepts and your flash knowledge must be decent, but it looks like you make things in 15 minutes then post them. Try spending more time on the stuff you make, so that the stuff you make is better.

lgnxhll responds:

ok ill try.......

Not very good

Nice try but it's sloppy as there are ALOT of moments where you cannot dodge whatever you do
it's a nice idea tho :)

Kind of fun, but....

the size is really small, and sometimes its actually impossible to dodge the bullets.