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Reviews for "RHG vs. Spearton (1)"

Great Stick Flash

I have to say, while I've seen dozens of these stick flash, few stick out as being really good. This shows a lot of potential. I like how you set up the characters in the description and give them personality, and how smooth the flash was.

There are only two real suggestions I have to offer:
1) Don't end the flash so abruptly. Give the viewer a split second to know the final blow is coming...it'll give it all the more effect.

2) Make a series of these. Create different characters with different personalities/strengths, and go to town. Who knows, how about a huge tournament? This could realy go somewhere.

Thanks for the great submission, and best of luck!

Kwing responds:

1. Yeah, that's a great suggestion! People on FluidAnims just told me to practice, but it's nice to get some quantitative advice to build on!

2. These are RHG battles, meaning I'll be facing off several enemies, but Steven Walking will always be in MY RHG battles. However, I do have another character ready in case I decide to ditch Steven.