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Reviews for "Street Fighter Club"

Just terrible

Horrid animation, awful drawing style, and every joke is just....WHAT THE FUCK.
Rina...just stick to your shitty voice acting

Not fantastic...room tho...

There's a lot of immaturity fluctuating around NG right now, and with people trying to be funny and attemptin to stay with pop culture it just becomes a chore to submit "gold" every time.
That said I did enjoy parts. Scoot has usually got really smooth animation, but since it was out of his natural element I can see why it was lacking.
The writing wasn't all that hysterical and could use some improvement. I'm sure, just like the "special tribute" to your work, it needs some broadening.

I don't really care for this style of humor, and honestly it's a bit dated. Find some new material and you should be able to succeed. Keep at it and good luck.

Honestly not the best vid...

But people are voting zero's because of street fighter chode. It wasn't completely terrible, it did have some kinda funny parts. What seemed to be the problem to me is that you tried too hard to do a brawl taunt skit like video, I actually like this. I think it's a shame how people are voting zero's when alot of street fighter chode was just ripped from this with bad voices and animation. It wasn't a true parody either. But that is just my opinion. I think you have done well, and continue doing well, but do not get lazy with writing. Good luck later on.

Do I sense a little hostility?

I'm not sure how a lot of people can rate this 0. Animation was good and the writing was if nothing more okay, I had a laugh here and there. This made a good watch for late night. It seems a few people are self-righteous here on NG, they suddenly all got together some how and went looking for the next thing to blam. Though I am not offering praise, it was a solid enough flash.


good graphics for a game, wait its not a game?.... what the hell did i just watch?