Reviews for "Santa What??"

nice little game

loved the pixel art


this is a great game and is fun is addicting but is a little hard

Nice Christmas flash

This was a cool little Christmas game you made,the concept of it was neat on how you had to hurry as Santa to hit the presents upward and keep doing it to chain combos together,the graphics were a good style with it being pixelated so you could run really quick also i loved the high scoring system,overall this was a very fun Christmas flash.


Very cute game :) Fun, short and sweet

Great game, but "plateaued"

This is a really addictive little game. The one thing I've found frustrating is that I've pretty much reached the limit of what my keyboard can do, and I'm stuck at ~1.5-million points. How anyone can score as much as 6.5 million in this game is beyond me.