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Reviews for "I Love You 2 - Revisited"

A little confusing...

I don't quite get it, but I think I know what may be going on...

Is it him, and then his sis? >_>;; None the less, I give you a 10...

... And a cookie. *hands one over*


very deep. although the big shaky level right ater the frustrating purple thing levels gave me a headache. was that intended? :)

mirosurabu responds:

It was intended to certain extent, but I'm sorry about the headache ): Headache wasn't intended.

It was interesting

I rate it because i realized what this was about and also how it takes time to program things like this, it may be small but it STILL requires time and effort :) good job

I Love this Game!!!

I love it, I love the story, and it all makes sense to me. I love the part in the game where she's like 'Of course I love my brother' and the next playing level its all shakey cause he's upset byt hat comment lol

mirosurabu responds:


Oh man, wow.

You turned my 'highschool sweetheart' experience into a series of minigames.

I've felt vaguely sad or tripped out or sympathized with other flashes with only slightly obscured points, but man, this cuts really deep and brings back so many memories. I needed to just lay back a bit in the middle of it, this game had me tripping so hard.

For the most intense experience of emotion from a flash, I give you a 10. The only slight complaint was during the 'raging earthquake' my eyeballs felt like they were hyperventilating. But then, that's how it really feels, right? ;p