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Reviews for "I Love You 2 - Revisited"


I love this game.

mirosurabu responds:

I love you 2 (:


Took me a while, but after the first level, I finally got it!
so cute, too bad you didn't continue with explicits.

Hooray for incest!!!

mirosurabu responds:


It was interesting

I rate it because i realized what this was about and also how it takes time to program things like this, it may be small but it STILL requires time and effort :) good job


and quite innovative, but the story is just weird and i really hate it when peolpe let the music clip like that.. i know it was an effect but still hate it
to sum it up, it was ok but has more potential

Good Job.

Great. The symbolisms were very subtle; it took me a while to realize that the red shape's phallic structure meant something. XD