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Reviews for "I Love You 2 - Revisited"

Oh man, wow.

You turned my 'highschool sweetheart' experience into a series of minigames.

I've felt vaguely sad or tripped out or sympathized with other flashes with only slightly obscured points, but man, this cuts really deep and brings back so many memories. I needed to just lay back a bit in the middle of it, this game had me tripping so hard.

For the most intense experience of emotion from a flash, I give you a 10. The only slight complaint was during the 'raging earthquake' my eyeballs felt like they were hyperventilating. But then, that's how it really feels, right? ;p

different is good

The story was´nt the most fantastic, and the gameplay actually a little boring (and sometimes very frustrating), but you really got a hang of this emotions in game-thing. I will most certainly check out more of your games.

Didn't work for me

I have enjoyed your past games, but unfortunately I did not find this game as enjoyable as "Tower of Heaven" or as powerful as "Depict1." Although I think it's fine to explore the topic of incest, I feel your approach to it was too simplistic, making your message seem more pornographic than meaningful. To open your submission with a "masturbate minigame" sets the tone for the rest of the game and causes the relationship between the siblings to be more sexual than sentimental. If you were attempting to cast incest in a bad light, you succeeded, but I don't know why you needed to make such a message in the first place. If you were trying to convey a different message, I feel you didn't do that justice either.

As for the actual gameplay, I hated it. I know you were focused on creating an emotion with each minigame, but the games were so simplistic and boring, I only finished the game because I enjoyed your past games and thought this one would get better eventually. Admittedly, I'm being very critical because I enjoyed your past games. You managed to convey meaning in Depict1 without sacrificing the gameplay.

Still, this is an older piece, so perhaps it was just a starting point for you. Again, I have enjoyed your recent submissions; this one just didn't sit well with me.

I Love this Game!!!

I love it, I love the story, and it all makes sense to me. I love the part in the game where she's like 'Of course I love my brother' and the next playing level its all shakey cause he's upset byt hat comment lol

mirosurabu responds:


Incest? More like WINCEST!!!

I enjoyed this game quite a bit actually. The symbolism was great, though some were a little unclear. (I still got it though)

The only thing that sets it as a 9 from a 10, in my head, is on the levels where he's trying to explain how he loves her, the movement is way too sensitive. It was improved on Revisited, compared to the original, which is very good.

One other thing is, upping the drama in it may have made given it a bit more of an emotional pull, which in situations like this is always a good thing.

Great game though, loved playing BOTH!!!!!!!

mirosurabu responds:

Thanks! I am trying to bridge the gap with sequel (: